Tell your running buddies:
EVENT CLOSED. You can still finish your virtual hunts and distance. Medals should ship Early December.‚Äč

Event details

Watch for the virtual hunt details in your email and also here. The event benefits preemies and their moms with the Graham's Foundation.
Your virtual hunt will involve finding the location of a supernatural baddie here, deciding who you'll be hunting with (i.e Dean, Sam, Cas, your own friends - tag them....), using various random items you'll be issued to fight that baddie (Use this Random Item Generator), and then sharing your hunts with everyone else here (tell us how you think the hunt would go). This gets funner when everyone shares their stories and encourages others so please feel free to get as engaged in the event as you'd like. You'll also find yourself probably watching the episodes that correlate with each hunt as well. You're welcome.

Event schedule

The first hunt opens on Oct. 8. You'll have till the end of the year to finish your hunting. But even if you do not finish, we will be sending all registrants the epic medal by mid December.
Lets go hunting!