Virtual Runs

What is a Virtual Run?

A Virtual Run is a special event that can be completed at anytime, anywhere, and at the pace that suits you. You can walk, use the treadmill, run or even double count miles from other races you are simultaneously participating in. If the distance seems daunting, you can spread out the distance into multiple workouts.

How do I ​Register for a Virtual Run?

​You can register for an event by using the the links on this website or use the "sign up" button on our Facebook page. By registering for the race you will receive a "Geek'd Out" medal in the mail fitting the theme of the corresponding race. To get a medal you must register before the registration date closes or the event registration limit is filled but you can complete the run anytime after the registration date closes. T-shirt options and a downloadable, customizable bib may be available depending on the event. 

How do I ​CompletE A Virtual Run?

​​Completing your distance:
Registration may be open for a limited time but you can complete your distance at any time after that. Please wait until you're healthy if you are injured! Registration guarantees you a medal no matter what so don't stress.
Although some events will have a platform that tracks your distance, Geek'd Out Running Club never requires proof of completion to receive your medal. We encourage you to track your distance with the free Charity Miles app. Our group is listed this year as "GeekdOut2016". This will keep track of your distance and also add extra donations to a charity you like! And share your workouts on our the Geek'd Out Runners Facebook page.

Share your Photos: 
We encourage all of our participants to post photos of their workouts with or without their bib or medal on our Geek'd Out Runners Facebook page and on our Instagram. Wear a shirt that matches the theme or dress up! You can also snap a photo of your GPS watch, Nike+ app, Map My Run, or any other distance tracker to the Facebook Event page for each race and be sure to congratulate and encourage others that have posted theirs! We use #GeeksforGood and #GeekdOut for all of our events and encourage you to do so too!

Medal Fulfillment:
Depending on the platform that we use for the event, either the medals will be sent out to you via the platform itself, i.e. Make Yes Happen! or Edge Promos or we will be shipping them out from Geek'd Out's headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. If Geek'd Out is sending out the medals, we usually will have them shipped out as soon as we receive them from the medal company. We try to ship medals out a week before the actual date of the race. Either way, you will receive a shipping notice in the email you provided in registration.