​Contract Terms - Please Read

​All booths, tables and carts are to be decorated in a manner representative of Geek'd Out's vision.  Themes can include but are not limited to Steampunk, Renaissance/Medieval, Pirate, Fantasy, Anime, Sci/Fi, Mystery, etc.  All vendors and booth help are encouraged to be in costume throughout the event. If you need advice or information on costuming/decorating we are happy to help. 

Payment:  After acceptance of your application a PayPal invoice will be sent to the e-mail address you supplied.  PayPal accepts all major credit cards; you do not need to have an account to pay the invoice.   Though PayPal is the preferred method of payment we may discuss other payment options on a case by case basis.  No cash payments will be accepted.

All items  offered for sale should be quality goods,  artisan wares are very welcome as are other goods not produced by the vendor. We do not accept mass produced, low quality plastic items such as would be found at a dollar or discount store. At our discretion, we can ask that items be removed from your inventory if they are not in keeping with the event's theme, standards and age policies.

Upkeep of vendor booths is the responsibility of the vendor. Trash should be placed in receptacles provided.

Event insurance is not mandatory but is highly encouraged. (We may require proof of insurance from certain types of vendors.)

Vendors are solely responsible for any and all damages caused by the operations of their booth to the building, grounds, property of other vendors and/or all third parties, including customers purchasing wares from the booth. Geek'd Out organizers are not responsible for any damages  sustained by vendors  in any manner.

Vendors are responsible for all sales tax collections and remission to the Utah State Tax Commission. 

Temporary Events sales tax  forms will be distributed.

Power is usually available for each  vendor space but might not be depending on the location of the event. If you would like to have access to power please verify with Geek'd Out Events that power will be available.  Power strips are required for vendors and must be supplied by the vendor if the vendor has multiple power cords. 

Security: Geek'd Out will provide on site security when needed. Some locations will also have security provided. Geek'd Out events rarely go overnight. If an event does, security will be provided overnight. We do not guarantee prevention of loss of goods or revenue.  Please secure your valuable products and remove all money and cash boxes at close of business.

Staffing:  Booths, tables and carts are to be staffed at all times during the regular hours of the event. If at anytime your booth is left unattended any losses incurred during your absence would be solely your responsibility, regardless.  

Use of  vendor names and/or photographs:  Vendors and their booth consent to the use of their name, picture, image of any type, voice or video recording  for purpose of promotional or commercial usage by the organizers.

Set Up:  We expect all vendors to have their booth set up and attended a half hour before any of our events begins. Failure to do so may result in the vendor not being allowed to set up and will likely ensure that the vendor will not be asked to return to a different event.

Animals:  No animals except service animals are allowed.

Refund Policy:  Cancellations at least 1 month prior to the event will receive a full refund. No refunds will be given after that date.

Disclaimer:  The organizers are in no manner or form whatsoever responsible for any failure of the event to be open or operable.

This is your vendor contract. By indicating your agreement below you agree to be bound and to follow all outlined policies listed.

I acknowledge that I have read and agree to follow all policies and rules outlined here and that I have informed or will inform any and all employees/booth help of said policies. *